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Q: Why are you charging $10 monthly to publish a cause when other sites do it for free?

A: While some sites may offer free service, they allow any cause to be posted and do not do a background check to ensure legitimacy as Pundaan.com does.

We do our best to confirm identity and validity of cause before allowing people to donate. We are one of the only sites that pays out medical funds directly to the hospital for the use for the recipient. We also do the same for education, where funds collected for tuition, we release funds directly to the educational institution for the recipient's education. This way we know your hard earned funds collected for the cause will not be misused for other purposes.

Our team works around the clock in providing the best possible support. We also assist in the presentation of your cause by connecting you with one of our professional team members one on one.


Q: If my cause is not approved, will my $10 be refunded?

A: Yes, if for some reason there is any issue with your cause that enables us from posting it, you will be refunded the $10 fee.


Q: I created a new account to create a cause but why haven't I yet received the account activation email?

A: Sometimes account activation emails get delayed or get put in the Spam / Junk Mail folders by various email providers. Kindly wait for a couple of hours (in rare cases) to receive the email and check the email in Spam / Junk Mail folder and mark it as not spam. You can also add "info@pundaan.com" in your address book to avoid getting the emails from our team landing up in your Spam / Junk Mail folder.


Q: I want to help my friend and set up a cause for him. How can I do this?

A: A 3rd party can set up a cause however we will need to confirm legitimacy with the person the funds are being collected for.


Q: Can I make changes to my existing cause?

A: Major changes will be considered on case by case basis so we highly recommend you ensure that all information is correct when creating your cause.


Q: How often can I withdraw funds?

A: Withdrawal occur once every 15 days and will be paid out within 2 – 3 business days.


Q: What happens if I forget to pay the $10 fee?

A: You will receive an email reminder 5 days before payment due date. If payment is not made by the due date then your cause will be suspended until payment is made.


Q: I don’t feel comfortable giving my credit card information online.

A: PayPal is a reputable company with security in place to protect consumers.


Q: Why are you collecting my personal information?

A: Due to money laundering and other legalities, it is mandatory for us to collect basic information in order to ensure legitimacy of the cause. Please be assured your information is never given or sold to a 3 rd party and all information is held on our secure server.


Q: Can someone else withdraw funds on my behalf?

A: No, funds can only be withdrawn by the person who created the cause.


Q: I withdrew all my funds but I received less 15%. Why was this deducted?

A: We collect a 15% fee from donations as a platform fee so that we can continue to connect those who would like to donate to the ones in need.

This covers PayPal transaction fees which can accumulate to more than 8% depending on country and our administrative cost.


Q: How will people know to donate to me?

A: Once your cause is setup and published you will receive a link where you can share your cause with others. The cause can also be shared via cause page on Pundaan.com. In addition to that, Pundaan.com is advertised internationally on one of the largest television station.


Q: What makes you so different than other fundraising sites?

A: People have access to post causes/fundraisers on other sites and have them published within seconds without any verification at all. We felt that a lot of people could possibly be taken advantage of and wanted to help minimize chances of fraud. That’s why we review proof and reasoning of cause before publishing so people know that the hard earned money they are donating will actually be helping someone.

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