1004 - your help can Send a child to School from shack

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1004 - 1004 - your help can Send a child to School from shack

1004 - your help can Send a child to School from shack
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Most of these kids are belong to families who does hard labor to run their houses, some work at Bhatta’s (brick making oven) riskha wala, construction workers, farm workers and all sort of labor work. They cannot go to regular school during day because some of them take care of their younger siblings when parents go to work, some kids work themselves at Dhaba’s to make their living. So night schooling is the only option left for them

These children from age 6-14 do not attend school in Punjab, they are ignored due to poverty and other circumstances of the family. We are trying to do our part in our small village in Jalandhar District, we as organization trying to teach 35 kids in Open school that is made in a house, donated by a kind group member. Some of the children we teach here have no money to buy school bag, some need pencils and papers and some even doesn’t have cloths to wear.

Although Govt does give rupees 600 to some of the kids to buy one pair pants, one shirt, one pair of socks and one sweater. But all these things in 600 rupees give them very poor quality of material which doesn’t even last 3-4 washes. So we are seeking some help from our community so we can buy them reasonable quality of cloths to wear along with a pair of shoes, and little bit of school supply. Adding one meal a day will be a big achievement for us at this moment.

So this is a humble request to community if everyone can help us to help these 35 kids to make difference in their lives.


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